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  1. How are the products shipped? What is the cost?

Shipping is free to anywhere in the city, and bordering towns. Products are all shipped with local couriers to ensure speedy delivery!

  1. Are customers responsible for their own installation?

Products are shipped with installation guides, and are the responsibility of each customer. Installation of these dispensers is very, very easy.

  1. How long is this program going to run for?

This program is going to run indefinitely, it will run for as long as customers continue to purchase these products from us!

  1. Do you have automatic dispensers?

We follow the CDC statement and studies that say touch free dispensers do not have any proven effect on decreasing infections vs. push dispensers. It then becomes a cost issue, batteries etc.

  1. When does the program start?

We are launching this initiative November 1, 2017.

  1. Where does the food come from?

The food will all be coming from local Superstore locations in Winnipeg to ensure none of the food donated is close to expiry dates!

  1. What type of food is donated?

Progressive will only send the most “in demand” food items to Winnipeg Harvest that are needed at that particular time.

  1. When does the food get delivered?

Food donations are going to be made on a quarterly basis (every 3 months), this could change as the quantities change.

  1. Does Progressive sell any other products for our bathrooms and facility?

Currently under the ProjectFIVE program we do not, but Progressive Sanitation is a full service provider of all building maintenance and cleaning supplies. The main office can be contacted to add on additional supplies!

  1. How do customers reorder?

A monthly order reminder email will be sent out with a link to reorder, or you can visit the website any time and simply log in and check out.

  1. Can products be returned?

Products in their original packaging can be returned for a 15% restocking fee. Due to the nature of the products, once opened, they cannot be returned.

  1. Do customers need to sign a contract or service agreement to get the dispensing units at no charge?

No contracts or service agreement are required. We only ask that if you want to discontinue purchasing products from the projectFIVE program, you return the dispensers so they can be used to help feed other families.

  1. How long does it take to get orders?

2-3 maximum, sometimes same day if orders are placed before noon.

  1. Can ordering just be done over the phone at the time of the call?

Yes, agents are able to go through the site on behalf of the customer, but customer will have to get credit card information. Agent will also need to create an account for the customer.